10 Hacks to maximize space in a small laundry room

Organized Storage

You need a lot of items in your laundry room – detergents, stain remover, starch, and so on. Store them in glass jars with clear labels outside. You can then group things together or stack them together in an area of the room. This keeps them organized and reduces your efforts each time you visit the laundry room.


Use Clear Labels

Laundry can be a daily necessity, and everyone is bound to use the laundry room. We each leave the room in a variety of conditions and sometimes, leaving it more cluttered than it should be. A simple solution is to label everything clearly; from the detergents, to the boxes, to the folding and drying areas.  The use of preprinted waster resistant labels or printing your own and applying them, could potentially help you quickly identify, organize, and better manage your laundry room space. 


Create additional space

Many of you have front load washing machines and dryers. The area above them gathers nothing but lint or dust throughout the month. With some effort, you can effectively place a countertop across or a hanging shelf or cabinets above your machines, which can be used to fold or store clothes.  You may have enough space to install more than one with careful planning. 


Efficient Lint Bins

Regularly checking and replacing your lint screen will increase the efficiency of your dryer and reduce the drying time. A super space saver and sleek lint bin can serve to be a fantastic gentle reminder. You can use the magnetic lint bin to effectively utilize the space around the metal body of your washing machine or dryer. The lint bin can help free up needed floor space or countertop space with the elimination of a trash can or countertop waste receptacle. 


Install a Pegboard

This can be your one-stop solution for all your laundry needs. Hang a pegboard in your laundry room and then keep your brushes, brooms, rollers, and other light equipment organized in one place. You could even hang your A.J.A. & MORE laundry room organizational solutions from it too.  A hung pegboard could aid you in finding your things faster and declutter your laundry room.  Do not underestimate the power of a pegboard when it comes to leveraging laundry room space. 


Hanging Hangers

Hangers are absolutely essential inside a laundry room. If you do not stack them properly, then they can be your biggest headache. You can either hang a clothing rack or drying rack from the ceiling or install a bar or bars below cabinet walls, to put up all your hangers. How about using this space as your new drying station?


Keep the Pocket Treasures safe

Laundry rooms often see a clutter of coins, bills, toys, keys, and receipts lying all around. How do you effectively store and keep them safe? Use a magnetic Pocket Treasure bin collector to keep all these items safe and secured.  With a strong magnetic strip, you can conveniently and easily hang them from the side or front of your washer or dryer.  A simple, easy, and cost-effective hack to free up laundry room space.  Don’t forget to check those pockets before laundering!


Use a To-Do list

You must be thinking that how can I install another board when I don’t have enough space to accommodate the existing things? Why don’t you use the walls of your washing machine and drier to write down the tasks – which clothes to be washed, to be folded, or restored back? Use a marker and keep adding or deleting items from your smart list board.


Upgrade the Dry Sheet holder

If you are worried about limited space, then upgrade to A.J.A. & MORE’s magnetic dry sheet dispenser; a compact, magnetic backing, sleek-looking dry sheet holder. Mount the holder to the side or front face of your dryer or washing machine and free up space inside the laundry room.  Having your dryer sheets or dryer balls at arms reach, can make your workflow faster and with less hassle. 


Prevents Bumps

Have you ever bumped against the door of the washing machine?  I am sure, pretty often!  In which case, you really ought to install a washer door prop.  The Prop-A-Door is designed to hold the door in place and prevent it from being accidentally or intentionally shut.  The Prop-A-Door not only helps you from bumping into the door, frees up needed space inside your laundry room, and used after each load of laundry helps you prevent the growth of mold or mildew in the washer.  So many laundry day benefits!


Who says you cannot organize and free space inside a small laundry room?  Taking a few minutes to carefully consider your space and apply some helpful tips can literally transform the mess into a neat and well-organized room.  Happy Laundering!

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