4 Reasons you need a Lint Bin

4 Benefits to using a Lint Bin

1. No-nag lint removal reminder

How many times have you told a family member to remember to clear the lint trap after using the dryer, only to find it’s still full when you put in the next load of laundry? A full lint trap decreases the efficiency of your dryer, adds drying time, and increases your gas or electric spend, so it’s a step worth remembering! With a visually appealing lint bin, the reminder is right in front of their nose… no nagging required.

2. Save space in your laundry room

If you keep a trash can in your laundry room for the sole purpose of collecting lint, it’s time to invest in a lint bin to save floor space. A.J.A. & More’s lint bin comes with a magnet strip that sticks to most washers and dryers or you can use the keyhole hanger for mounting the bin on the wall. Keep your lint bin within reach and avoid bending down to empty a trash can.

3. Add a touch of functional decor

Tumbleweeds of lint are not a great decorating look. But practical and elegant lint bins in a variety of colors offer a modern touch to any laundry room. 

4. Collect and repurpose lint

A little bit of lint here and there may not seem helpful, but when you collect dryer lint in a bin, your collection of lint can be easily repurposed in a variety of ways.

Quick fire starter

Dryer lint is highly flammable, which is bad for homes (that’s why it’s so important to remember to clean the lint trap), but good for back yard fires or camping trips! Stuff the dryer lint into a section of a toilet paper roll, wrap it in newspaper, and use it as a cost-effective fire starter at your next campfire.

Soft stuffing for handicrafts or throw pillows

Why spend money on poly-fil stuffing when dryer lint can accomplish the same goal? Use collected dryer lint to fill stuffed animals or decorative throw pillows for your couch or bed.

Compost it

Did you know you can add dryer lint to your compost pile? It acts as a brown or dry material to compliment the green and wet materials.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about dryer lint. When you do, it’s a hassle-- wishing a family member (or you) had emptied the lint trap earlier, collecting stray lint balls around the laundry room, or stooping down to empty the laundry room trash. Add a lint bin to your laundry room and you not only take your décor up a notch… you’ll improve your mood by removing laundry day annoyances.

Ready to add an elegant, durable lint bin to your laundry room? Purchase an A.J.A & More lint bin here.

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