How to Remodel Your Laundry Room in 6 Steps

Let’s face it - Your laundry room is overdue for a remodel. Being everyone’s favorite chore (lol), laundry usually happens in the most overlooked room in the house. Maybe your washer-drier is shoved into a closet or an odd-shaped nook in the hallway. Maybe your laundry machine is in some long-forgotten corner of the garage. 

Here’s the thing that took me a while to get: the more pleasant a room looks, the better you feel in it. 

I like laundry about as much as you do (zilch), but my recent laundry room remodel gave my space - and my outlook - a facelift. I can’t change how you feel about dirty clothes, but at least I can give you some tips on how to beautify the space.  


  • Get rid of non-laundry items

  • If you’re anything like me from 5 years ago, you’re likely dumping everything from garden tools, old books, and sports equipment in your laundry area. Stop that. 

    When making over your laundry room, pull out the unnecessary clutter and put everything back in its place. If the item doesn’t have a proper place, give it one! Our partners, so and so, have an installable storage solution that doubles the space in a room, without costing an arm and a leg. 

    With all that extra stuff, you’ll get clean laundry dirty, without meaning to. Ensure you have clean surfaces where you can fold the clean clothes and do the ironing. You’re not a 22-year-old boy; you deserve a real laundry room!

    Trash unwanted laundry items

    While you’re deep cleaning, it’s a good time to find old or empty detergent bottles, broken hangers, and laundry hampers that are not usable. Get a trash can for the space so that the room stays uncluttered.

    Got lots of extra lint? Don’t throw that out just yet! Get a lint bin for the laundry room, so you can repurpose lint by making clay for your kids, lining up planters with it, or even making handmade paper and paper mache. If you’re feeling really crafty, use it as a fire starter or compost! Read our blog post for more tips on how to make the most out of old lint. 

  • Decide on your detergents and cleaners

  • Keeping a whole line of detergents and cleaners is unnecessary. Finalize the ones you use regularly and keep only those in stock. Also, decide the fabric whitener, stain remover, and softener that work well with your clothes, sheets, and linen. If you prefer to have them in separate bottles, you can do so but don’t forget to label them else you may end up using the wrong ones.

  • Get some creative drying solutions

  • You don’t always have to put your clothes in the dryer. Save on electricity bills and help the environment by getting some creative drying solutions. 

    A line or clothes rack works great. If you have a yard, put the line outside, so the clothes get some sun. For a smaller home, a rack is quite useful. You can also consider a retractable wall-mounted clothesline to save floor space.

    Then, find a folding spot in the laundry room that is clean and clear, either a counter or table. This space can also be used for ironing. Otherwise, consider a wall-mounted ironing board to save space.

    It is also important to ensure that the washing machine is kept dry after use to prevent mold. You can use a prop-a-door for the front load washer as it keeps the door of the washing machine open while preventing toddlers from walking in! 

  • Create storage cabinets

  • Having cabinets can save a lot of space, and at the same time, keep possibly toxic laundry items out of reach from children and pets. You can install some storage spaces for laundry products above the washer so that it is easy to access them while doing laundry.

    For anything that might pop up while you check your pockets, use our Pocket Treasures bin. With this cute storage solution, you can safely keep change, keys, money, receipts, or tickets that come from your pockets. 

    Another great asset for a laundry room is a dryer sheet dispenser or a dryer sheet holder. With the laundry solutions from A.J.A. & MORE®, your laundry room decor takes a step up. 

  • Label your new storage cabinets 

  • The last step? Label your new space organizers. We’ve got some perfectly designed SVG files for your new and improved laundry room cabinets. Just print these onto sticker paper and voila! A beautifully redesigned laundry room reappears right before your eyes. We’ll send the files straight to your inbox.





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