Get rid of your mildew, smelly washing machine: introducing the Prop-A-Door

If there is one appliance that should always remain clean, it’s your washing machine. Indeed, no one enjoys having a washer that smells like mildew as this automatically makes any washing task irritating. The laundry day is something that can be pleasant if you have the right tools, and a musty washing machine does not belong to that category. Is this a problem you have been struggling with? Don’t panic, we have just the solution for you!  A hint for you: you should not have to use vinegar and baking soda ever again!

Mildew & mold can develop in washing machines as they offer the perfect environment for its growth: damp conditions that have difficulty drying when the door remains closed. You may think it’s simple, I just have to keep the door open! and you are right! However, most washing machines have doors that will automatically close. You may have tried placing something big and bulky to block the door from closing or may have tried to get rid of the musty smell by using strong chemical agents to clean the washing machine. What if we told you that we have the perfect tool to keep the door of your washing machine open without making it difficult to get around the rest of the room and without using strong chemical agents that stink the latter up?

Our product, the Prop-A-Door, is a customer’s favorite. As most musty odor smells emerge from machines that are unable to properly drain away water, keeping the door of your washing machine open is key in getting rid of the smell. However, there’s no fun in running into an open door that’s being kept open by your clothes hamper, for example. We’ve all been there: it hurts and it is frustrating! This is why we designed the magnetic Prop-A-Door.

Prop-A-Door is a laundry room solution that you can attach to your washer and can adjust freely as you need. The magnetic attachment makes it easy and durable to ensure that you don’t have to worry about having to replace it if you buy a new washing machine. The Prop-A-Door stops the mildew stink before it starts, preventing mold formation without being cumbersome and therefore in your way while you take care of your drying or folding. Its flexibility renders it the perfect laundry room tool to use in any kind of machine, no matter how narrow or wide your laundry room is. Additionally, as it is shape-conforming, you can bend the Prop-A-Door just the way you like it to make it fit your needs and get rid of the musty smell forever. It’s so simple to use that you will wonder how you did without it all these years!

Instead of wasting precious cabinet or shelf space or spending needed money on expensive cleaners or detergents to get rid of the bad smell, why not make a small investment once? Not only is Prop-A-Door a smart investment, but it is aesthetically pleasing too. It fits well in all laundry rooms and can make yours look sophisticated, while being practical.

Get rid of the mildew, moldy or musty smells within your washing machine today and get your very own Prop-A-Door!

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