How To Motivate Yourself on Laundry Day

Laundry day, the Mount Everest of household chores is one of those dreaded tasks that remain on the never-ending to-do list. You can spend hours doing loads of laundry only to turn around the next day and find a completely new pile that you swear wasn’t there before. And don’t even get us started on folding and putting clothes away after washing them. While there are gold-stars out there who keep up with it, most of us suffer from procrastination, ripe t-shirts, and an overflowing hamper on the daily.

All is not lost for us non-laundry people though! As organization enthusiasts and laundry room experts, we’ve compiled our best secrets to help motivate you off the couch or computer and tackle your Everest.

  1. First things first: declutter and organize your space. We’ve all heard sayings like, “clean space, clear mind”, and they hold some scientific truth to them. Studies have shown that too many visual stimuli (clutter) makes the brain's neurons compete for attention, thus decreasing the capacity to focus on any one thing.

    So what does decluttering your laundry area look like? If you have a front-loading washer and/or dryer, then clear the ticket stubs, extra change, and lint off the top. Get baskets or little bins, like our Lint Bin and Pocket Treasures holder, to keep your space clear and organized!

    By keeping your space clean you’ll also get an extra boost of motivation, because your brain will register it as a completed mini-task and already feels rewarded and satisfied.

  2. Create a positive association with laundry day. What is a positive association? It’s a trained response to a specific stimulus. Pavlov’s Dog’s are the most notable example of associating an object with an action, reward, or behavior. Positive emotions and joy also create stronger memories than negative emotions. You can train yourself to love doing laundry--thus motivating--by doing something fun while doing laundry or rewarding yourself after completing the task. Our strategy is we love to crank Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper and belt out the lyrics. Other people might reward themselves with a cold beer after folding and putting clothes away. Whatever you choose to do will create a dopamine release in your brain that will keep you motivated and looking forward to laundry day. #happylaundering

  3. Make it a routine or add it into an already established routine. It can vary with each person, but on average it takes anywhere from two to six months to establish a new habit or routine. For laundry, we suggest picking a midweek day that is your least busiest. Trying to cram laundry into an already packed day is asking for it to be put off. Tacking it onto an already established routine can be an effective way to keep it front and center. If you deep clean the carpets on Tuesdays, start a load of laundry. If Wednesday is when you go grocery shopping, start the washing machine as you unpack groceries. This can help streamline the process for creating a new habit.  We hope to get you thinking about making this potentially effective routine adjustment.
  1. Use a good detergent and keep your washing machine fresh! Everyone loves the smell of clean laundry. Everyone. Use a detergent that makes you happy or nostalgic so when you’re putting clothes away you get whiffs that relax and calm you. We also recommend airing out your washing machine between loads. Moisture can build up in gaskets and crevices and make your washing machine smell musty or with a mildew odor. Propping the door open when it’s empty with something like our Prop-A-Door can keep that smell out.  Even more so, giving the washer machine a chance to dry out to help prevent mold growth. Simply prop it and go with a Prop-A-Door.  Do you really want to smell anything other than your preferred detergent fresh scent?  Not a chance!

See, you’re feeling more motivated already! Motivation is all about consistency and using your brain against itself. The best part is, you don’t have to go out and splurge on a new washer just to feel good about laundry. These small tips and tricks will be more sustainable in the long run to maintain motivation. We love finding ways to life hack our processes--like laundry--and creating reliable products that help keep things organized, simplistic, and just plain easy. Let us know if you try any of these tips, in the meantime, we’ll be over here jamming to Cyndi.  Have fun with it!

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