What to do with all your Lint Bin Lint?

Recently, the concept of going zero-waste and of reusing things that we would normally simply throw away has been growing in popularity. For example, instead of throwing away your compost, you can use it to fertilize your plants. This being said, there are numerous other common household products that we tend to throw away when we could simply re-purpose them. A perfect example of this is lint.

If you did not know, lint is the byproduct created by your dryer machine. This lint is often something we just throw away, but it’s such a waste, (this pun was totally intended). In this article, we will be sharing with you 10 different ways you can repurpose the lint that you have accumulated using your A.J.A. & MORE ® Lint Bin.


1. Make clay out of it for the children

Did you know that you can make clay out of lint? It’s very simple to make and takes approximately one week to dry, giving you and your kids enough time to create something fun out of it.

To make clay out of lint, mix three cups of dryer lint with two cups of water, one cup of flour, and a dash of vegetable oil in a saucepan. Simply stir the mixture over medium heat for a few minutes until the mixture becomes completely smooth. Make sure to let it cool completely before modeling it!


2. Stuffing outdoor cushions

Lint is also a cheap and easy way to fluff up your outdoor cushions. You can use it to make your cushions softer, for example, if the cushion itself is too hard and uncomfortable.


3. Make papier-mâché pulp

Another fun craft to do with lint is papier-mâché. The process is similar to the one used to make clay. Combine three cups of lint with two cups of water and two-thirds of a cup of flour in a saucepan. You can then use the mixture over a base like a balloon, then wait three to five days. You can then give it to your kids to paint and decorate.


4. Line planters

You can use the lint to line your planters. Not only can this absorb any extra water, but it is easy to remove and replace. Forget buying plant-liners, just use your lint!


5. Add it to handmade paper

You can also make handmade paper with lint. This is more complicated and requires a few more ingredients and tools, so make sure to check out the instructions right here!


6. Make fire starters

Lint is a great material to use to create a fire. If you are going camping soon and are planning on starting up a fire, why not bring some lint with you to make the process simpler? You won’t have to worry about finding extra dry wood in the forest, and it is lighter than carrying your own wood around.


7. Use the natural fibers for mulch or compost

You can use the lint, which is made of natural fibers, to create compost. Simply use your Lint Bin to stock up on your lint and, once it is full, add your lint to your compost bin and moisten it a bit, then mix it through your compost bin.


8. Use it as a protective weed barrier or anti-erosion material for your garden

You can use your lint to discourage invasive plants from taking over your garden. Just add a thin layer of lint as the base for your plants and you will see how rare the invasive weeds become. Lint is also a way to prevent erosion in the soil of your garden, so adding some lint to your garden can prevent this from happening.


9. Oil down your tools

Lint, as it is made from fibers, can be used to oil down your tools or doors, for example. If your doors are starting to make cracking sounds when being opened, which often happens in older houses, simply use the lint with a tad of oil to get rid of the sound. The same can be done with your tools. Bonus: use oils that are compostable so you can add the dirty lint to your compost afterward; think zero-waste!


10. Soaking up floor or countertop spills

Finally, why not use lint to soak up spills throughout the house? This is an easy, cheap, and zero-waste way to get rid of messes, especially oily ones. Lint absorbs oil very well, so take advantage of that!


With these ten uses for lint, it really is a wonder why so few of us collect our lint as it is such a versatile material. Start collecting your lint today with our hassle-free Lint Bin and share the results with us on Instagram. If you want to create more lint, why not do so by using dryer sheets too? Check out our Dryer Sheet Dispenser to make the task even tidier!

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